Husband For Sale

A short 3 minutes story about Husband for Sales

Posted by Patricia Liaw on January 29th, 2019

Heard a very interesting story online once on Chan Fong under the section 3 minutes talk. Interesting story to share about life. All of our live we were busy with hunting, it could be anything. In the 3 mins talk, Chan Fong shared about how a lady choose a husband. Let me briefly share about this story.

There is a shop called "Husband Store" and since it is a husband store, it sells nothing but husbands with the following condition: -
  1. You can only be here once.
  2. There are 6 stories, as you move up the floor the husband quality also increase so with the price.
  3. You can only go up, once you are up you can never go down.
  4. Once you have decided to get your husband on that particular floor, you must exit on the left (there is an exit on the left on every floor). You can never go up or down, meaning that's the final!
Interesting store isn't that?

One day a lady enter this store, on the first floor there is a sign: "Husband on this floor has got a job". The lady was thinking only having a job as a husband, it is not perfect.

So she went on to 2nd floor. "Husband with job and loves kids". Hey not bad, hard to find one now, however I am only at 2nd floor.

So she went on to 3rd floor, true enough! "Husband with job, loves kids and good looking!" Now, in her mind. There should be better one on the 4th floor after all I still can afford.

So she went on to 4th floor, wow wow wow! She couldn't believe what she saw. "Husband with job, loves kids and good looking like a star and does housework!". This is definitely a good one, man who does housework is hard to find now. When she was about to pay, "Wait a minute, I am can get a better one on the next floor even though it is expensive but it is worthy!"

So off she went to the 5th floor, to her great surprise. "Husband with job, loves kids and good looking like a star, does housework and romantic!". ROMANTIC! That's what she is looking for! Ok this is the one, but when she is about to make payment. Another thought came in, 6th floor the final floor would surely be the PERFECT HUSBAND! Let's move there and I can still afford.

So off she went to the next floor, when she reached onto 6th floor. A sign written: "You are the no 3145602000000000 visitor, there is no man on this floor. Please proceed to the exit on the left."

In this story, the writer uses this lady as an example, it is the same to many things in our life. In our life, we have been hunting for the PERFECT. What is the PERFECT? Are you the PERFECT while you are hunting for the PERFECT?