M.A.D with ME


To Make a Difference in yourself, to discover and create the best version of you!


To create a safe place for individual to discover your actual self and bring out your best!
Everyone has the resources he/she needs, what is really needed is the right state to bring out the best resource.

Our mind can be really fixiated as to what we see!

It started with an awe

Many have actually come to me and telling me that is a bad choice but I stick with it as I believe in what I believe. It is something different!
I JUST WANT IT! I loved it (the moment I heard it!), I am loving it and going to love it!

I first heard MAD from technical trainer in a train the trainer’s certification.
He literally said to the class: “Once we move out from this class, let go MAD! Yes! Go MAD with me!”.
Whole class stunned everyone's head turnned. It was unbelieveably shocking for me too! In my mind “What are you talking about?”
He went on: “I know you are wondering! That is good! Make a Difference is all what we trainer aim for! So go Make a Difference from now on!”
That amazed me! I never thought a technical guy who is very technical and would be so creative.
That expanded my perception on things and activated my hunger to lock in this name for my website. That was back in 2010. I asked him if that is alright if I were to pick that name as my website, he too were surprised with my request and said yes.

So here you go presenting to you www.madwithme.com by Difference Makerz!

Why "ME"?
It is all begin with ME! Me or I, is the responsible!

What is MADwithME all about?
My focus is COACHING even with the training development program, there are coaching centric. As I believe, COACHING works for everyone!

How, how?
“HOW” is our emphasis!
It’s about the doing not the theory. I turn theory into fun activities, as I believe people learn through relax and fun state but I assured you there is seriousness in the activities too.
We don’t just play but we learn and change!

What if...
How would it be if now you can decide that you want CHANGE?
How would it be if now you can be yourself?
How would it be if now you can be who you want to be?
How would it be if now you can be the confidence you?
What if all the above can be achieved, YOU just need the tool to be the BEST YOU?

Difference Makerz
has the tools for you!