What is Coaching?


It has create a lot of different in me and it still creating a lot of different in me and the people around me.


It is the best empowerment so far! It connects human who wishes to empower each other!
Not everyone can coach but everyone can be coached to the next level and next!

Look beyond and you will find your answer through coaching.

The Extraordinary!

Since 2009, I have been venturing into coaching as I was searching for something that is extraordinary in working with people. Little that I knew I was actually into coaching.
There is a Chinese saying: “Silly people have silly blessing unknowingly! Pure luck!”. I am very sure I was at the right path and I am still in it.
Through coaching I was able to find out what was best for me and able to take up the courage to go further. Here I am today still exploring and learning more about coaching. And every client/coachee I met till now, all of them have taught me invaluable lesson of life and that makes me a better person while I am working with them.
And I love the fact that I am still learning and improving each and every time I meet a client/coachee.

So then, what is coaching?

“It is a powerful partnership between a trained coach with client in creating or redesigning his/her future. Coach helps a client/coachee to get all the limiting believes away from their current system and work on impactful VALUES, BELIEVES & STRATEGIES that support the goals. Coach works with client/coachee to be at CAUSE at all time and with the resources they have within them to reach the goals that are set.”
~ Patrica Liaw ~

Yes, every one of us have all the resources for you to excel, to conquer, to success however sometime you are just not at the right state of mind to bring the best resources to work with you.
Won’t you agree with me? Yes? Have you been in one of these situations or maybe more than one:
  • Perhaps you are “stuck”, there is no way out.Is it like you know you can do it but yet you can’t.
  • Perhaps you have lost the motivation to move on and just rather be at where you are but you are not happy or comfortable at all.
  • Perhaps you have a great change in your life which you think you are forced to make a choice.
  • Perhaps you know there are greater opportunity out there but yet you don’t have the courage to move on. You so much far in you that you rather be “contented” at where you are but you are not happy.
  • How would it be if you can pull the right resources out at the moment you needed them?
  • How would it be if you can decide what next for you just by going into the right state?
  • How would it be if you can just embrace change in your life with much more motivation and courage?
  • How would it be if you can help yourself to be the best you?
This is when...
A trained coach is crucial in unleashing what is within you to bring the best out of you! And COACHING is the answer. Trained coach is able to work with you on: -
  • Reprograming or redesigning your life.
  • Facilitate your thinking to the right path.
  • Utilising the manual for mind.
  • What it takes to make your mind works for you again in a different, powerful and impactful way.

The good news is, the best ANSWER is within you!
You can be GREAT
if you allow the coach to facilitate with you to work with your powerful mind!

HOW do we do it?
Find out more here how Difference Makerz does it differently!