CAUSE & EFFECT... Which side would you be?

Posted by Patricia Liaw on January 22nd, 2019

This is one of the most important theme in
NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming).
One needs to be at CAUSE to have CHANGE working effectively!

How to differentiate between CAUSE & EFFECT? Simple question to differ them.

When a situation arises, would you react in a negatively or response positively?

Both ways are fine, there is no right or wrong. Let’s not judge (most likely I am).

Well if someone react by showing anger and the anger can cause a great CHANGE (most likely not) then it is a good thing. But when if being angry cause your situation somewhat negative (effect) then it is time for a CHANGE from the EFFECT side to the CAUSE side.

Here some example

Can one still enjoy soccer when one is vision disabled? Well, why not? Can you still enjoy through hearing? Recently there is a posting on – “Brazilian Mom Wins Hearts for Narrating a Soccer Match to Her Blind Son”.
Go ahead and read this article before you continue here.

That was amazing wasn’t that? Staying at the CAUSE side to make things happen.
Still remember those time (maybe not for a lot of younger generation), in those olden days all sports are watch through listening – through the radio station. Watch Ola Bola and you will understand what I meant. Goal for it!

What it means to be at CAUSE?

To be RESPONSIBLE, ACCOUNTABLE & OWN-UP whatever situation may give you. Say NO to BLAME, EXCUSES & DENIAL!

How then, CAN you be at CAUSE?

Can you think of some of the way you used to be able to do so?

It's Not What Happens to you, It's what you do about it
W. Mitchell

Here are some questions that are helpful.
  1. What can I do about this now?
    (The moment is precious, NOW!)
  2. How can I do it?
    (It is not about what is happening, it is about what can you do when situation arises.)
  3. How can I do it differently?
    (Doing the same thing will only give you the same result. What is important here is what can you do to create different result?)
  4. When can I do it?
    (Never leave your action without an action plan.)
You can you know, one can!
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