A real-life story of an ambitious girl who were denied of her dream.

Posted by Patricia Liaw on January 11th, 2019

What is your ambition? A typical question asked during primary school.

She remembered clearly, she put TEACHER. "WHAT!!! TEACHER, no no no... think again and change that!!" said my teacher.
"You should have one of these which is higher potential!"
"You can never survive with a teacher's earning."
"It's just teacher there must be something else!"

So low and behold the preferred list came out:
  1. Air Stewardess
  2. Doctor
  3. Engineer
  4. Accountant
  5. Pilot

As young as she was, she kept asking: "Why? What's wrong with being a teacher? I won't be here if it were for your presence. Why can’t I be who I am?"
She was asked to change to one of the listed above. There were few choices, teacher can never be on the top of the list.
Well, deep down in her (the rebellious her)... "Ok, fine I change for you... but deep down in me I STILL want to be a TEACHER!" She went home and shared with her dad (He is a man of little words). He laughed and said: “Really? You sure?”. When she told my mom, mom replied was: “What good it is to be a teacher, do you know? Why would you want to be teacher?” and said anything further.

Why teacher? She thought to herself
  1. She loves sharing
  2. She loves being with people
  3. She loves the how sharing can make an impact in people's life (her teacher has on her for sure)
  4. She loves to help others to improve.
  5. She loves just being simple but can still make a difference.
  6. She loves just being simple but can still make a difference.
  7. She loves PLAYING with the COLOURFUL Chalk!.
She told her dad before he left them, that his girl is stubborn. She is quitting her job and to start her "teaching" journey. He just smiled: “Really? You sure?” Her replied: "I am certain!"

How about you? What is your ambition deep down in you?
Do you hold on to your dream and dare to be who you want to be?
Many of us failed our dream. Some may live a life of others' dream or even some may live a life for others. Slowly we find that we are lost.

Do you still dare to step out and step up to live your dream once again?
Some may think that I work for corporate I don't have a choice. Really, you sure?
Let's do a simple imagination exercise here: -
  • Can you imagine for a just a little while, who would you be if you have achieved the dream you wanted to have? (Write it down as details as you can.)
  • How would you life be different?
  • What can I still do to achieve it even right now?

That SHE is ME.

Here I am today, a TEACHER in different way. I still believe my dream the moment I set my mind to it.

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