Weight Change ParadigmTM

What is the difference?

Food, Like Your Money, Should Be Working For You

Let’s do a quick check here: -
  • How many of you, no matter how much you control your food you still put on weight? No matter how little you consume you still put on weight and you even think by drinking water or breathing you will be putting on weight?
  • How many of you, HAVE to exercise HARD to maintain weight?
  • How many of you have been making the same new year resolution again and again, to loose X kg of weight by DATE?
  • How many even go to the extent of starving yourself in order to fit into a good-looking dress/blouse/shirt?
  • How many of you have been using supplement or pills to control weight?
  • How many of you have been visiting slimming centre and pays hundreds of thousand to look good and you manage to get there but somehow fall back or got even worse?
  • How many of you feel guilty when you have chocolate, Nasi Lemak (coconut milk rice) or ice-cream?
  • This is very important! How many of you want to look good while still enjoying food, have the right amount of exercise and have a perfect body of health?

If you have more than 1 box checked, that is when Weight Change ParadigmTM (WCPTM) is way to the answer you want/can be to have the resulotion.

I am the produce of this program. After given birth, I weighed 62kg and I have been trying to lose that for 1.5 years. I did all the mentioned above especially not eating! But nothing worked! I was not determined enough to exercise or eat the right way. I have all the excuses in the world to stop me from losing the extra weight especially I am convienced that I need to have those food to regain what I have lost during my pregnancy or breastfeeding. But when I took up the courage to go through WCPTM. I just lost those extra KGs in within a month! No, I did not go back to the weight which I used to have but I can fit into all my dresses and look great! Not only that I am much healthier than I was. How did that just happen? Wait HANG ON!
Before I go further... Go back to the point, I did not go back to the weight I used to have? Isn't loosing weigh is about loosing the weight? But what do I mean by that?

Looking good is not about weight, it is about having the right size and the right measurement.

Most importantly, in WCPTM we focus not only the measurement that you targeted to work on but also what can improve your health and way of life especially having the right thinking towards exercises and food intake.

The question is in the big HOW
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