Weight Change ParadigmTM

How does Difference Makerz work differently



It is not about Weight!

This is a licensed coaching program! Only Certified Therapist are allowed to use this unique tool!

How It Works

The most important themes in this coaching program is BE AT CAUSE! Coach will first make sure the client/coahee to be at CAUSE at all time during the session.

BEING AT CAUSE is all about chosing what you want to do and when you want to do it.
Without being at CAUSE, the coaching will not work. Certified Therapist is trained to work with client/coahee to be at CAUSE AT ALL TIME!
Both need to be integrated to create the power to achieve desired outcomes!

BELIEF. What is your belief around your weigh, food, daily habit as well as exercise? Working with your belief to make things work for you.

VALUES.What's important to you when come to your health (as weight has direct relation with health). Certified Therapist will work with you on the VALUES that are not working for you and to make them work.

STRATGIES. What habit you have that is not helping and how to turn them around to make them work for you.

GOAL.To set goal for the outcome (it is not about your weight) you wish to achieve.

The Integration

Unconsious Mind & Conscious Mind integration. Certified Therapist is also trained to constantly work with your Unconsious Mind and integrate with Conscious Mind! Conscious Mind is the GETTER and Unconscious Mind is the Motivator to get to your desired outcomes.

What's Next?

Minor Adjustment. Once the above are worked on. There will still be 6 - 9 follow up sessions or minor adjusment (sometime could be big) depending how willingly you work.

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