“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” ~ The Dalai Lama ~

Posted by Patricia Liaw on January 08th, 2019

It is not the BIG things we are talking about. It can be very small; how can you start small?

What have you done to make a difference today? It’s not about great work out there but to even now what is the small little thing you can do to make a difference?

Like I said, start small. Let’s now look into the mirror itself.
Have you done something difference to the person you see in the mirror?
What have you done even NOW to make a difference with yourself? Shall we make a list of what can you do to make a difference with yourself? Let's work with me here, shall we?
  1. Smile at the mirror
  2. Say something nice to the person in the mirror
  3. Say something energetic to the person in the mirror

Now, back to reality! You may print this page as part of your exercise.
  1. If you are working today what can you say something that is different from what you have been saying to yourself every day? Let do a reframing exercise here.

  2. If you going to drive out in the traffic to your work, what can you do something different? The different can start on the night before too. Let act differently!

  3. If you have an important meeting or presentation today (you may be nervous like hell), what can you do something different to make it really powerful. Let do a state change here.

  4. If you are about to meet someone you dislike(I don't have a choice!), what can you do differently for this meetup (for all you may know that person may think the same). Let do a position switching here.

  5. If you have nothing to do today (How great it is right, really?), then do something! What can you do something different to the nothing?

WAIT, hang on before I end. How about doing something different? I am going to throw you a bit of a DIFFERENCE CHALLENGE here… Are you up for it?

With the items you have listed, what could be even more different before that? The answer will be listed below.

YOU YOU are the best answer to YOUR ACTION!

Be at CAUSE.
Responsibility of CHANGE is yours.

The Theme of NLP