Some of you had a great start for 2019. Some may be starting all over again, either way I think it is great!

Posted by Patricia Liaw on January 01st, 2019

Now go look into the mirror and believe me that is THE BEGINNING! The beginning of a new beginning or the beginning of an ending. So, what is it for you? Want to give it some thought before you continue reading…


So, what have you done so far till now it is almost a month gone for 2019. Whether is it beginning or the end it has been a month isn’t it? How great is that!

When I knew I got no way to run or running out of excuses to not further delay my website, I was stunned! I do not know what to do. I had my website staying the same way after 2 years. I keep saying, it is there but there is no content, till the extend I can’t even stand myself any further. But I am still stuck. I want to END this to BEGIN with!

So, then I begin to take on the adventure to which I rediscovered switching my focus is the answer! I BEGIN to ask myself WHAT DO I WANT BEGIN WITH instead of I don’t know how?
This is when I have a little voice tell me :”How about 3 little things?”



  1. Seek help and get clarity.
  2. Start writing down what is important.
  3. Begin with small step even if it is just 3 tiny step a day to kick start the momentum.


  1. Giving excuses.
  2. Procrastination.
  3. I CAN’T


  1. Getting it DONE
  2. How can I make it work?
  3. Keeping it simple

Amazingly from 3 small things, I begin to have 3 more small things to make things work!
Here I am writing MY VERY FIRST ARTICLE for my For this, I shall keep it simple.