Sport Performance

What is the difference?

The true fighter look within self! To be the CHAMPION within you!

What is important in sport performance?

Be the winner? Or be the CHAMPION!
Physical of course is the utmost important factor! I have not a single doubt about that!
What is more important is your motivation in getting your physical side to be ready to fight!
This is exactly what Sport Performance Coaching is all about!

I personally love sport and I have been actively in sports. I played volleyball throughout my secondary. I am not that tall but I never thought of that as an issue. Many told me: “You are not tall enough!”, so what?! I just excel in it and enjoy it but I was not able to be at the level I want. I was one of the best even without proper training. Yes, we self-learnt. We did have a coach, he is not good in volleyball at all but he coach us especially differently. Sometimes I do reflect back those time, he actually uses coaching in me a lot. And up till now, I still holding on to most (if not all) the believes, values and strategy. Those has moulded me a lot to be who I am today not only in sports.

Here's one of his statement: -
"Even if it is at the final losing score, your aught to fight your way to beat the opponent!
Remember they are more tense than you are when they are at the winning score!"

This is not the ordinary sport coaching you are being coached on how to improve your skills! The most heard sports coaching would be visualisation. Yes, you can visualize to improve your skill but what will motivate you to even wanting to visualize or how can you be sure you are doing what is right?

Do you know
  • What drives you, what motivates you and what energizes you to go forth without hesitation to win?
  • What is important for you when come to excel in the sport performance?
  • What is stopping you? What belief you have in you that is stopping you?
  • What belief you want to have in order for you to excel?
  • What will bring you to the next level?
  • What are you thinking when you are about to enter a sport competition?
  • Anyone who is the best? How about you having what is best in that person in you? No, not becoming who that person is but having what is best that help this person to perform.
The question is in the big HOW
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